About Me!
It is my intension to reveal everything about Kandep, my sweet home. Kandep has so many things to offer, tourist destination, the flora fauna, culture and tradition, the way of life, everything that is to do with Kandep. I would also like to reveal how much the government has done to the people. This is also to reveal the tourist potential that Kandep has to offer.

I am a Kandepian living outside of Kandep but in Papua New Guinea. I was born in Kandep and I belong to Kandep, my home,my land and Kandep is where my heart is.         


  1. Very exciting blog.

    Perfectly executed and please keep maintaing this standard. I really enjoyed surfing through exciting posts and gallereis here.

    Pes Siaa

    Aimbare ongo kaa!

    1. Aimbare Ongo

      Appreciate the positive comments. In future; we would also appreciate all Kandepians to be contibutors to the blog by giving each individual publishing access but just that not many people think the way some of us think. Kandepian network on Facebook rings the bell for the admin to think twice for now!

  2. I love this site I'm a Kandepian living outside kandep and out side Papua New Guinea. I'm a typical kandepen and I proud to be a kandepen. Kandep is where I belong.
    This site is really cute, it is amazing, Kandepens lets Keep our Flag flying High in good or bed time.
    I Love this Site. I Love it!
    Sweet Home Is always the most precious place on earth is where you really belong.

    1. Samuel Samson

      Appreciate the positive comments; Sweet home Kandep is where our heart is and we will always remember and recall back regardless of where ever we are! Enjoy your stay and catch when we cross paths at sweet home; beautiful Kandep Valley


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