Kandep District is the southern-most district in Enga Province. It includes the Wage Valley which includes the lower and upper wage, commonly known as the Wage LLG. The Lai LLG includes the places from Lawe all the way to Kandep station and Sawi and towards the southern end is the Mariant LLG which extends as far as Winja and Last Wert.
Location of Kandep in Enga Map

Geographical features and names of places in Kandep

Lukalap (12.9km) Kokas (14.7km)Lumbi Island (14.7km) Pumbur (18.2km) Maru (20.3km) Rumbipaga (20.3km) Rumbipaga (20.8km) Winja (24.4km) Yuripaka (24.7km) Kaniana (25.7km)Porgorali (26km) Iriba (28.8km) Kwia Kia (29.3km) Kolopa (18.4km) Kambiya (22.5km) Murip (30.9km) Angar Olye (31.7km) Angaruyle (31.7km) Kinduli (32.8km) Mang (34.7km)Iak (40km) Yenkali (40.1km) Wariba (42.5km) Marisere (42.5km) Sopa (44.8km) Ariaka (45km) Panduaka (50.3km)
 Stream; a body of running water moving to a lower level in a channel on land.
  • Marient River (14.7km)
  • Kamba River (36.8km)
  • Rama River (44.8km)

Lakes; a large inland body of standing water.
  • Lake Parago (12.9km)
  • Papali Pond (23.7km)

Mountain; an elevation standing high above the surrounding area with small summit area, steep slopes and local relief of 300m or more.
  • Mount Haddon (29.3km)
  • Mount Wamburi (31.7km)

Mountains; a mountain range or a group of mountains or high ridges.
  • Limpi Range (34.7km)

Administrative Division; an administrative division of a country, undifferentiated as to administrative level.
  • Kandep District (9.1km)
Agricultural production centres on subsistence kaukau and potato production, however, the land has potential for blossoming vegetable varieties as well as wheat and rice. The more recent one has been the Wheat project still existing where a flour brand name such as Kandep Flour was produced and distributed across the district. However, food security is vulnerable to both frosts and drought. Incomes are low throughout the district.
Kandep wheat project at Murip

The district administrative center is located at Paruli in the Lai LLG where all offices including main retail and wholesale shops are located. Face of the administrative center has changed at least from its previous form and the new administrative complex is one of them which yet to be opened to be utilized.
New Administrative complex

Roads link Kandep to Laiagam in the north and to Southern Highlands Province in the south. Of these roads, the road to Margarima is cut off by the paruli swamp and crater lakes that combine to occupy the whole swamp and the road to Mendi via Winja and or Tap is inaccessible by vehicle because of its stage.
 Condition of Bridge of Tap road to Mendi

Road to Margarima cut off at wasa

The only way out of Kandep is by way of Laiagam  and then to Wabag and Hagen. What is disturbing is the lawlessness between Lyian and Surinki. The whole of year 2011 up until February 2012 has been the worse in history where so called rascals hold off PMVs and other vehicle travel to and from Kandep. The specific location is called Kaei Mares.
Lyian Road

 Kaei Mares, location where stealing is at its peak. after leaving Niung junction and on Kandep road.

Air travel also is made very difficult by the condition of the district airstrip at paruli. compare pictures take in 1965 when airport was in operation and as it is today.
 On the left is Kandep airstrip as it is now

Kandep airstrip taken from the air in 1965

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