THE election manager and returning officer for the Kandep Open seat in Enga during the 2012 general election will be referred to police to be investigated over alleged corruption, an official says.
Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato told The National that he wrote to Police Commissioner Gari Baki yesterday to have election manager Henry Kyakas and returning officer Naepet Keae investigated.
Kyakas is employed by the commission while Keae is employed by the Enga provincial administration.
The National Court on Monday set aside Kandep MP Don Polye’s victory during the 2012 general election pending the counting of five ballot boxes which were initially rejected by election officials. The five boxes rejected were from the polling stations at Lungutenges No. 1, Kombros No. 1, Kambia No. 1, Maru and Imipiaka in Kandep.
The substance of the complaint by petitioner Luke Alfred Manase was related to allegations of errors and omissions by the officers, servants and agents of the Electoral Commission.
Gamato said the electoral processes were not followed in the Kandep election.
He said it was important that election managers and returning officers avoid corrupt practices during the election process.
Gamato said the court on Monday concluded that there was a lot of “foul play” involved.
“What the judgement and the court order said was that there was a lot of foul play,” he said.
“The evidence the petitioner (Manase) and his supporters gave was strong and based on that the judge made a ruling. We at the Electoral Commission must be strong in upholding the Constitution and the laws that govern elections.”
Polye won the seat with 23,952 votes.

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