PANGU Party leader Sam Basil is the new Opposition leader.
He takes over from Triumph Heritage Party leader Don Polye after the National Court suspended Polye as the Kandep MP over uncounted votes in five ballot boxes in the 2012 general elections.
Polye, in handing over the position to his deputy and Bulolo MP Basil yesterday, said he stepped down from Parliament by respecting the law.
“Although I disagree with the court ruling, we need to set an example to our people – and to the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Police Commissioner Gari Baki about respect for the law. 
“So, I therefore accept my 30 days suspension from Parliament. I wish, for the sake of our country, PNG, and its people, that O’Neill would similarly subject himself to the decision of courts and a Leadership Tribunal in order to prove his innocence or the courts to prove his guilt.”
Basil said that he would lead 11 Opposition MPs to provide an effective Opposition against the Government on issues that the Opposition believed were not best for PNG. “I also call on other MPs implicated in cases before the courts, and some of them are still operating as MPs under court orders and not respecting the courts,” Basil said. 
“I believe that what Polye has done today, we must see as an example to follow, particular O’Neill and his government and his ministers. 
“They are not following the law and not respecting court orders,” he said.
“They are also using the courts to prolong their stay.”