Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Minister hails road completion

Source:The National, Wednesday August 5th, 2015
WORKS Minister and Imbonggu MP Francis Awesa has welcomed the completion of the Mendi-Kandep Road last week by Chinese company COVEC.
The road will for the very first time link Southern Highlands to Enga.
“It’s a very important project as far as this Government is concerned,” Awesa told The National.
“It’s one of the projects we have funded - well over K250 million - which has opened up Kandep in Enga to Mendi in Southern Highlands.
“It opens up Laiagam and Porgera in the Enga.
“Now you can travel from Porgera to Laiagam to Mendi in two to three hours.
“Previously, there were no road connections. It’s all ready to go and I’m looking forward to the opening.It’s now just one hour from Kandep to Mendi.
“We spent about K300 million, and for the first time, I’m very happy to report that we’re going to open this important road.
“This is a very important access, shorter in terms of getting flights for people from the Western end of Enga to come to Mendi and catch flights to Port Moresby and other places.”
Awesa said plans were afoot to connect Tari in Hela with Mendi.
“We are spending about K90 million on that,” he said.
“It will be about one-and-a-half hours from Tari to Mendi, short-cut from Kandep, Laiagam and Porgera into Mendi.
“We have the Mendi Airport coming up.”
Awesa said these major impact projects will open pto link the two provinces.
“These services will help improve the delivery of basic services at the village level,” he said

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