THE executive chairman of the Border Development Authority has filed a defamation suit against The National, the National Executive Council, the State, a reporter and five persons, over a naked selfie which went viral on social media last month.
In his affidavit, Fred Konga claimed that on July 16, an unknown person uploaded on Facebook “an alleged indecent photograph which resembles myself”.
He said that on July 27, Gibson Kemo published an alleged indecent photograph resembling him (Konga) on Facebook and entitled it “Selfie of the year award”. He further said that on July 29:

  • Sonja Barry Ramoi published a photograph “purportedly of myself” on her Facebook page known as “PNG News” and entitled it “Naked selfie goes viral”;
  • Bonda Panda published another photograph allegedly resembling him in a post to PNG News;
  • Johnny Young published an indecent photograph allegedly of Konga sitting at an unknown location;
  • Darius August published a photo of Konga, his wife and daughter which “drew negative comments about my family and my career”;
  • Isabella Tauri published an alleged indecent photograph purportedly of him with the following comments – “Fred Konga denied the selfie and said it was photoshopped. See here the star of nudity holding a high PNG government office.”

Kemo, Ramoi, Young, August and Tauri have been named as first defendants.
Konga named Clifford Faiparik of The National as second defendant.
He argued that Faiparik did not consult him before writing his articles which referred to a “head of a government agency”.
The first article appeared on July 29. Three more articles appeared subsequently before Konga called a press conference on Aug 6 where he said that the photographs were “reconstructed” to hurt his character and the Border Development Authority.
In his affidavit, filed on Aug 8, Konga said he believed that the Executive Ministerial Appointment committee and the minister responsible for the Border Development Authority had recommended to Cabinet to suspend or terminate his employment over the matter.
He claimed he was never given any opportunity to defend himself. Konga’s counsel is seeking an interim restraining order against the six persons and The National from publishing “any alleged naked photographs taken by the plaintiff of himself”, any articles and comment in connection with the matter pending the court’s decision.
He wants the National Executive Council and the State, named fourth and fifth defendants, be restrained from making any decision on Konga’s position as executive chairman of the authority.
The motion is to be heard by the Waigani National Court on Friday.