Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mt;Giluwe; second highest peak; now a major tourist attraction

Source:The National, Wednesday June 10th, 2015

MT Giluwe, the second highest mountain in the country, is becoming a major tourist attraction.
Mt Giluwe, located 3842 metres above sea level at the border of Western Highlands and Southern Highlands, offers tourists programmes such as bird watching, trekking, flora and fauna.
This is complemented by cultural activities like feasting, traditional singsing, and bride price payment ceremonies.
Edward Tama, manager of Eco-Tourism Service from Tambul-Nelbilyer district said he received tourists from Japan, Australia, Russia and America in January, May and August every year.
Tour operators such as Country Tours, Pacific International, Western Highlands Culture and Tourism Authority, TNT Tours, and Paiye Tours bring in tourists in groups to climb Mt Giluwe. He said the formation of the Eco-Tourism Service in 2002 was an initiative of local people.
Tama said the people built a guest house at the base camp at Malke village where tourists stayed overnight before climbing to the summit. Many of the tourists stayed for up to five days in the village.
It creates opportunities for locals in Lower and Upper Kagul to become porters and guides.
Tama said locals respected the environment, sacred sites and had banned any forms of hunting.

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