Reports by MALUM NALU
SPEAKER Theodore Zurenuoc says jailed Gulf Governor Havila Kavo is allowed to sit in Parliament.
He said he would not allow any more debate on it following questions from deputy Opposition leader Sam Basil about the “convicted Gulf prisoner having access to this Parliament”.
Zurenuoc said: “You need to go and seek legal advice on that. It’s obvious that he has been charged under the Leadership Code. It does not affect his sitting in the chamber, I’m sorry.”
East Sepik Governor Sir Michael Somare complained about Kavo being allowed to enter Parliament.
“He is already convicted, it is a criminal case. So how can you allow him in?” he said.
Zurenuoc said leaders facing a leadership tribunal were different from those charged under the Criminal Code.
“It’s beyond the control of this House to deal with the Gulf governor. But in the case of Honourable Members before leadership tribunals, there is a different set of laws,” Zurenoc said.
“It’s obviously very clear, there’s no point for us to argue on this one. I will not entertain any more, I made a ruling.”