Monday, December 2, 2013

Polye responds to claims on Kandep

Source: The National, Monday December 2nd, 2013
IN response to a letter by Kandep Bush Mangi titled “Polye’s 12-year reign in Kandep shows nothing” (Nov 18), I welcome his comments.
However, I see it as a political statement and not based on facts.
Firstly, he claimed that there is an accumulative fund over K150 million for Kandep since my reign, which is not true.
This is deliberately misleading and meant to create instability and confusion.
I urge him to go to the Office of Rural Development to verify the facts.
Furthermore, the K10 million of DSIP fund during Somare’s government is also not true; there was only one K10 million DSIP fund while the others were below K5 million and only K2 million for two years.
The following are facts: Kandep to Laiagam road (DSIP K12 million in addition to ADB loan 1709), district buildings (K6m), rural health centre (K5m - a work in progress and may increase further), Kandep school labs (K1.2m), Kandep agricultural centre (K6m), Wasa Bridge (K4m), all road links within Kandep (K7m), sealing of Kandep Town road (K2.7m), youth and labour employment (K3m), support to smallholders employers / SME (K5m), power and telecommunication (K1m), transportation costs (K2m) and church support (K2m).
Total project cost during the last 10 years in Kandep is over K50 million, not K150 million as the writer claimed and official records are there for him/her to verify.
The writer should not play politics to create rivalry and conflict.
If he is sincere about the development of Kandep, he should support me in bringing services back to our people.
That is why I have initiated major projects in Kandep.
The Kandep people want a sincere, honest, humble and hardworking leader, who is committed to serve them and this desire has been shown clearly in the past general elections and one by-election.
I am the only MP to win by primary vote counts since the 2002 general elections.
This clearly shows the desire, trust and value the people of Kandep have in my leadership.
I challenge the writer to forget politics and work to develop Kandep, not destroy it through false claims that may incite unrest.
At this moment, more than four projects are in progress and the writer should visit Kandep, if he has not, to see them.
I remain committed to developing Kandep for a better tomorrow and urge all critics to stop spreading lies and work in partnership with me if they truly are concerned about transforming Kandep.

Don Pomb Polye
Kandep MP, Minister for Treasury & World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund Board of Governors Chairman

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