Monday, November 18, 2013

Polye’s 12-year reign in Kandep shows nothing

Source: The National, Monday November 18th, 2013
I REFER to the advertisements in the two dailies on the development boom in Kandep (Nov 8).
I have no grudges against the writer or leaders, but I want to air my honest view as a citizen.
I do not know how other Kandepians feel, but to me, the advertisements were misleading, deceptive, deceitful and a mere cover-up to the heaps of problems in Kandep.
I would appreciate if the advertisements were about the work done from mid-2012 to 2013.
In reality, local MP Don Polye, the minister for treasury and current IMF and World Bank chairman, got elected in 2002.
The then Somare government introduced the annual K10 million DSIP funds for all districts.
Thus, these funds for Kandep alone from 2003 to 2013 amounts to K110 million, excluding RESI funds, the K33 million given by the then Somare government during NEC meeting in Wabag and other development funds.
The total is about more than K150 million in Polye’s 12-year reign.
Compared to the projects advertised and what I see on the ground, the road-sealing within the vicinity of Kandep Station is about 2km, so should cost less than K3 million.
The administration office is worth less than K2 million, the laboratory for Kandep High School should cost about K300,000, the hospital should cost K3 million and the Lagaip Bridge under construction is part of the K480 million road project from Mendi to Kandep and Porgera, which is funded by the national government.
So, the truth is, the people of Kandep are suffering from the lack of basic services, but leaders and educated people like the writer Wanpis Ako are covering it up for personal gains.
More than 100 people died from 2002-3 just in election-related fights and many have been displaced.
In my view, only less than K30 million was spent in the district in the past 12 years, most of which were handouts.
We can be rich overnight at people’s expense, but remember, we came naked and will leave naked.
God raises leaders, but they fall when they do not do the right thing like King Nebuchadnezzar.
Only the good Lord knows who speaks the truth and will judge accordingly.
This time, we can say and do what we want for our own good.

Kandep Bush Magi


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