Monday, November 18, 2013

Mendi to Kandep Road Construction

Source: Post Courier, Highlands Region
Thursday 23rd May 2013
Govt: Be patient
CONSTRUCTION firm COVEC has started work on the Mendi-Kandep Highway which would link Southern Highlands and Enga Provaince. “The road construction work is very slow though it was started a year ago,” Southern Highlands Provincial Chamber of Commerce President Berry Mini told Treasury Minister Don Polye on Saturday in Mendi and called for local contractors to be given major part of contracts for future road developments in the area and region. This Johnny Poiya picture shows part of the road works further at Tente near Mendi.

THE National Government has asked certain Southern Highlands landowners to be patient with their claims while they sort out pressing issues.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his team were in Mount Hagen this week and Wita Group Clan (WGC) of Hela, Southern Highlands province wanted to use the opportunity to meet with the leaders about their demands.
WGC said they owned 57 percent of the well heads at Hides PDL 1 and that they were owed K29.8 million set aside as Business Development Grants.
The landowners are claiming that the National Government had an agreement with the clan leaders after they (WGC) had demanded the payment of K29.8 million in October 2012 under the Business Development Grants scheme.
They are also claiming that K18 million had already been paid out to certain individuals and companies without their knowledge which the clan leaders David Uriabu, Andiria Keta, Thomas Kurubu, Engepe Igibe, Mathew Tombena, luke Hare and Chief Ekawi asked the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Finance Minister James Marape in writing to put to light.
In November 24th 2012, in a negotiation between relevant government bodies and the Clan leaders; the government bodies agreed to look into the request made by the Wita Clan leaders, after they had laid down a ‘stop work’ on the site.
But Chief Secretary’ office advised this paper the matter was better discussed in a roundtable and advised they were aware of the situation and urged the landowners to give them time.

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