Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kandep Peace move applauded

Tuesday 11th June 2013
A LAE based Engan businessman Mr Kandaso Napi has applauded the positive move by Enga Governor Peter Ipatas and his administration in trying to negotiate peace amongst the warring tribes of the Kandep district.
He has also appreciated the positive gestures made by Treasury Minister Don Polye.
“It is quite reassuring if that is any indication of future political cooperation between our two prominent leaders of the province and the immediate need for their bipartisan approach to end the bloodshed and sufferings of the many innocent people in that district.
Mr Napi, who is an ardent nationalist and one who also concerns himself with the developments and events in his home province, has called on Governor Ipatas and Minister Polye to put their political and personal differences aside and work towards lasting peace for the good of Kandep and Enga as a province.
He said if they had done that one year ago at the start to quell the troubles that flared up after the elections, it would not have gotten out of hand and the deaths could have been avoided.
Mr Napi said supporters of Mr Polye and Alfred Manase had been waging war against each other and described the reports of more than 100 people who have lost their lives as disturbing and unnecessary since most of those poor souls would never have benefitted in one way or another through the winnings of either candidate.
He said in reality, the war belonged to them and if these two educated Kandepians had also shown their true leadership at the beginning, all those innocent lives would have been saved.
He said they must discuss peace through the established Engan customary system of brokering peace and bringing normalcy to the area so that people may go about their daily lives without any hindrance and fear of retaliation.
Mr Napi called on the people of Kandep, especially those groups and individuals whose lives have been affected in one way or another by tribal war to forget and forgive if they want genuine lasting peace.
This self-made businessman who is a strong supporter of local participation in spin-off businesses, envisages a booming Kandep as a border district when the Mendi-Kikori highway opens up in the near future.
He said when this happened, all Engan businesses, including the giant Porgera gold mine and the upcoming Mt Kare gold mine would be using the now upgraded Kandep-Mendi highway and connect with the Mendi-Kikori highway as a short-cut alternative to freight their equipment and materials.
“I reckon the people of Kandep would benefit immensely if they can stop fighting now and prepare to cash in on the opportunities of a lifetime”, he added.

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