Friday, May 31, 2013

Ganim praised for well documented budget plan

Friday 31st May 2013

WABAG MP Robert Ganim has been praised for coming up with a well documented budget of K10 million for his District Services Improvement Program funds.
Enga Provincial Administrator Dr Samson Amean told a provincial management team last week that it was the first time for him in the last five years to see Mr Ganim and his Joint district planning and budget priorities committee coming up with a budget plan which had realistic priorities on spending the DSIP funds.
Mr Amean said he was particularly happy with the Wabag MP’s allocation of funds in line with development targets of the national government’s vision 2050 and various medium term strategies. He said the province would go a long way if all districts did the same. “I am happy that the MP for Wabag has come up with a well documented budget plan that reflected the aspirations of the national government’s long and short term plans,” he said.
He said it was the role of the district administrators to advise the MPs on procedures involved in coming up with plans on using public funds, to ensure that the small people in the villages were the ultimate beneficiaries.
Dr Amean’s comments were made in light of public speculations that many MPs in the country were coming up with shopping lists on spending the DSIP funds, without following proper procedures in terms of holding correct meetings to consider vital spending guidelines.
It’s understood that service delivery and project implementation programs in at least one district in the province has come to a standstill because the particular MP has not held his first meeting since he was elected to office to allow for the district treasury to expand funds earmarked for this year.
A district senior public servant, who did not want his name mentioned, said the acting district administrator for that district was still waiting for the MP to go home to organize the operation of the district, while other districts and provinces in the country were ready to undergo their second quarterly budget review.
Governor Peter Ipatas raised concerns two weeks ago about at least one MP’s decision to engage Western Highlands Provincial authorities to administer road redevelopment programs in his district. He told a gathering in Wabag that it was only proper for leaders to utilize public finance procurement process in Enga to carryout projects in the province.

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