Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PNG citizens unfairly taxed

Source: The National,Wednesday 17th April, 2013

WHILE going through some issues of the national gazette of the past three years, I was shocked and angry to see tax exemptions given to huge multinational companies to do business in this country.
I cannot understand why we, the small people, have to dig deep into our pockets to pay high in­come tax.
We thought our go­vernment is there to look after our interest.
While the majority of our people fight for the scraps, the real stuff is gi­ven to the rich people.
When will we enjoy the K250 across-the-board, non-taxable housing al­lowance that was pro­mised the public servants some time back?
I urge the NEC to ap­point Michael Malabag as the minister for public service to make things happen as the incumbent minister seems to be sleeping.
I have previously commented on this topic and I still maintain my believe that our own government is unfairly taxing us while multi-billion dollar companies in the oil, gas and mining sectors are enjoying tax holidays.
They should be the ones taxed for taking re­sources out of our land.
It is a shame the hardworking people of this country continue to suffer.

Port Moresby

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