Thursday, March 7, 2013

Enga forms group to tackle tribal fights

Thursday 07th March 2013
By Paeope Ovasuru

THE tribal fights in Kandep District have been going on for too long
and the authorities have done nothing but watch innocent lives being lost.
Enga Governor Grand Chief Peter Ipatas raised this concern in a media conference yesterday where he announced that his provincial government was now taking actions to stop the tribal fighting.
Governor Ipatas said there was now a provincial law and order committee in place with him as the chairman to bring peace and normalcy back into the district.
“We are now taking steps to restore peace and normalcy back into the district, innocent lives have been lost and the majority of people are suffering because of the actions of a minority who are power hungry,” he said.
The actions that the committee has taken include the appointment of an acting district administrator Ben Pesawe and the directing of the Provincial Police Commander Philip Welia to visit Kandep
District and talk to the tribes involved.
“I want to assure the people of Kandep and Enga Province that the situation will be returned to normalcy and we are now moving in to address it, we have left it for so long,” he said.
However, he added that the provincial government needed the support of Kandep MP Don Polye.
He said that he had spoken to the member but had yet to get any feedback.
He praised the new provincial police commander for his efforts in addressing the tribal fight in Kandep.
Governor Ipatas said that the people were using high powered guns and money.
“If you carefully look at the situation, there are some people with money involved in these fights; they are the ones funding the high powered guns to be used in this fight,’’ he said.
“From reports that we have had, over 60 people have been killed in the fights already and I cannot go on letting this happen.’’
He stated that the fights had caused many people to miss out on basic services.
“The district administrator has abandoned his duties and the people have suffered for too long,” said Governor Ipatas.
Meanwhile, in some of the media reports, it has been said that women and children were not part of the tribal fights traditionally, but they were now among the innocent people being killed. 

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