YOU may have read last year and early this year about the alleged cheating during exams in some schools.
That is sad news. More frightening is that many students were implicated.
You know that my items in Learn and Live are directed at you, the individual.
I urge you (the student) not to cheat. Do not follow others who may be.
When markers pick out those who cheat they will penalise them, which may include cancelling of marks.
Here are some reasons why you should not cheat in tests, exams and assignments.
Firstly it is immoral, just as stealing is.
Secondly it is illegal. According to the rules, you will be penalised. At the national exams, if you are found to cheat, you will not be given a certificate and you will not advance to other levels of learning.
Thirdly, the cheating habit makes you weak. You will not use your God-given potential.
Fourthly, cheating is part of corruption. That follows on from reasons 1 and 2. By cheating you will likely get things or offers in the future through such an illegal method.
Also, it is likely that you will not be strict in following rules when you are in a position where you supervise others.
Fifthly, when found out to be cheating in other areas, you will lose a lot in life.
Some “sports stars” in other countries illegally take performance-enhancing drugs and win races.
But when they are found out they are banned from competitions, and have titles stripped of them.
Sixthly, cheating may help for the moment, but will not help you everywhere.
A student who cheats at high school and gets to the university level will find some courses difficult to do and s/he may become frustrated with life.
In certain organizations, tests are usually given to candidates who want a job or apply for a scholarship. A person who cheats will not pass such tests.
Years ago, before exam time, I heard that some students were looking for a certain substance to drink. They said that would help them do better in the exam.
I was surprised and thought there is one thing that a student must do to do well in the exam every time. That thing is called “study”.
Those who study honestly and consistently will not cheat or look for special substances to consume before exam time.
I urge you to be committed to your studies.
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