Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chamber, villagers claim roadwork badly done

Source: The National, Friday 22nd February, 2013

SOUTHERN Highlands chamber of commerce and industry has supported calls by villagers from Hum in Mendi claiming that a K500 million road construction from Mendi to Enga was not properly constructed.
Chamber president Berry Mini told The National yesterday that the road was a vital economic link for Enga, Hela and Southern Highlands.
He said the gravel and limestone were mixed with ground and gradually wearing out due to constant movement of trucks and machines working on the road.
“We, the beneficiaries of this road, want value for money work to be carry out by the contractor and not a rush job and walk away with K500 million,” he said.
“I want to call on the works engineers from the three provinces to closely supervise the contractor to ensure that the scope and design of the roadwork is carried out.”
He said that government works engineers should be blamed because they were supposed to supervise the work and advise the contractor on all aspects of the road construction.
Another concern citizen, Enoch Yangala, from Kandep district, Enga, expressed similar sentiments.
Yangala said the people were happy that they would have a better road network but the quality of construction was now a major concern.
He said they wanted proper work to be carried out so that the road would last for a long time.
The road as mentioned above will pass through some of the locations and villages as shown in the following photographs
Wara Mendi bridge - Quarry
 Wara Wapul bridge

 Map 1 one the next Hill top
 Wara Wapul bridge travelling up Meland Village Hill

 Bush section of the road leading towards Bii-Wiri Mountain
 Just close to reaching Bii-Wiri Mountain

 This is Bii-Wiri Mountain where the road will pass through - Abit of Engineerign involve here to build the road
 This is Lai Bridge at Sopa - The road will also pass through thsi bridge


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