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Beaware of Advance Fee Scams - 419 SCAMS
My Nigerian pen pals.

Have you ever received an email from a stranger in Nigeria promising you millions of dollars? - You should just delete it, because it is a pack of lies.

However, some people answers them, and they soon find out that they have to pay some fee in order to get the millions. Then comes the second fee, and the third fee, etc etc. No one has ever received the millions, but many have lost a lot of money, and some have even got killed.

This so called "Advance Fee Fraud" has become an industry in Nigeria, and the surrounding countries. Another common name is "419 fraud" after Section 419 of the Nigerian Penal code, the section that specifically prohibits this type of crime.

The fraud is difficult to stop, but we can have some fun, and have the criminals use their time in vain. That is called scambaiting.

If you are new to this sport, I will recommend you to look at the links-page.

Have fun,

Miss Young
Below you will find an important warning and a top 10 of the most popular stories.

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Recent stories

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 18:27
Von: Syntia Desmond < > Gesendet: 11:40 Mittwoch, 21.November 2012 Betreff: ALL ABOUT ME WITH LOVE AND TRUST. Dearest one, firstly i thank you for your response to my email. How is everything over there in your country, i believe that you are in good health and that the atmosphere over there in your country is very nice today? Mine is a little bit warm over here in Dakar Senegal. My name is Syntia Desmond i am (24years old) but age doesn't matter in a real relationship so i am comfortable with your age, I am from (Rwanda, in West ... (more)
Posted: 22 Feb 2013 21:46
Site: netlog From: labelmirabel747 Date: Dec. 18, 2012 ( Hello, please i am new in this site, please if you wouldn't mined Contact me here at ID ( i will be waiting to hear from you, i have something very important ... (more)
Posted: 22 Feb 2013 20:53
From: Facebook <> Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2013 03:30:59 -0800 Subject: New message from Nelson Dorah Nelson sent you a message. -------------------- Hello My Friend, Please do not be offended to receive this massage, My Name is Miss Dorah Nelson; I saw your profile today and become very interest to be your friend And i have an important issue to discuss with you. Please contact me directly on my private email address ... (more)
Posted: 30 Jan 2013 23:24
From: Subject: Hi hi hi Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 11:49:47 +0100 Hello, my name is Irina. I have a great desire to find a mate and soul mate. I am 29 years old. I hope that age difference is not a problem for our communication. I am gentle and affectionate girl. I want to find a permanent mate. For this, I have all the features. I like to create comfort me nice when the house is beautiful and clean. I think that serious ... (more)
Posted: 26 Jan 2013 14:19
From: Jane Adams < > Sent: Saturday, 15 December 2012, 13:40 Subject: Miss Young - (DETAILS) Dear Miss Young , This is a follow up to an earlier email sent to you about Mr Young whose accounts and assets are in care of our establishment. To verify Mr Young 's information Please call any of the telephone numbers,on prompt enter the eight digit number and four digit pin which are provided below . I want you to know that this is not a joke and would advice you to call the numbers stated below.... (more)
Posted: 24 Jan 2013 19:40
From: sarah Amador < > Date: 2013/1/4 Subject: Hello Hi this is sarah, kindly get back to me. . you sent me an email to my old email address, i' ll like to know moreabout you. . ... (more)
Posted: 23 Jan 2013 10:57
Site: ushomenow From: lilianbadara Subject: How are you today?, Date: 12-03-2012 03:43 PM How are you today?, my name is Lilian, I saw your profile today and i became interested in knowing you the more and that was why i did not delay in contacting you i will like you to contact me with this E-mail Address ( so that i will give you my picture and also tell you more about my self. I will be waiting to read from you because i have SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT to tell you. ... (more)
Posted: 20 Jan 2013 18:36
Site: waydate From: goodnes Date: 2012-11-17 07:05:17 Its really a pleasure to come along your profile on. ( I am goodness, by name good looking young girl and in search of an opposite partner, This is why i have decided to contact you on this site so that we can establish a good relationship and also get to know each other, Your age, race and religion is never a problem to me, all that matters is true love, Kindly contact me on my Email ( so that i can tell you more about my self and also with my picture, Hope to hear from you soonest ( (more)
Posted: 12 Jan 2013 22:32
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 15:22:32 +0000 From: Subject: Attn: RE: YOUR URGENT ATTENTION NEEDED!! FOR YOUR PAYMENT!! Dear: Beneficiaries/contractors In accordance with the authority of the presidential directive 686911 (reference ) subchapter 2 of chapter 28. ... (more)
Posted: 05 Jan 2013 21:39
From: Sent: Thu, Nov 8, 2012 2:03 PM BDT Subject: My Dearest One My Dearest One Good Morning and how are you doing over there in your county, it is just that I have been obliged to lay a mere trust on you due to my situation here in the refugees camp, Let me first of all reveal my self to you, I require the best of your honesty after your knowing about me and whom I am, I really like and want us to have a good relationship in - spite of anything (age, ... (more)


A 32-year-old Nigerian, Tobechi Enyinna Onwuhara, has been declared wanted by the President of the United States. Onwuhara, known under such aliases as Tobe, Xavier T and Enyinna had his picture pasted on the WANTED LIST on the website of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).
According to the FBI, Onwuhara used online Internet databases to steal victims’ identities and stole tens of millions of dollars.
Read more here:


The scammers that send these fraud letters are criminals. They want your money, and they use force to get it, if that is necessary. You should never travel to meet a scammer!
When they get annoyed, they will send you threatening letters. The threats are probably empty, but it shows what kind of people these criminals are.

Watch Out!

Another growing problem in the world of scams is forex fraud. With the increasing popularity of retail forex trading, fraudsters have found a new venue to attract unsuspecting victims. One of the most recent scams is the marketing of fail-safe automated forex trading software. These “machines” claim to make you quick, easy money, when instead they usually leave you with regrets. Be on the look out for emails of people boosting these bots, it's a sure fire way of losing your investment!
Services like fraud protection can help with other scams like identity theft.

I have set up the this website because I am worried for all those who are tempted by the millions of dollars they are offered by the scammers. I hope that my stories will make them realize that it is all lies. Many of the stories contain names of real persons, banks and historic events, and it shows that the scammers will use every trick in the book to get you to pay.
This site is funded by me, and it takes a big effort to keep it up-to-date. You can help me in keeping it alive by making a small donation.
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Thanks for your support,

Miss Young
Miss Young

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