Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stop the bloodshed in Kandep

Source: The National, Monday 18th February, 2013
TRIBAL fighting in Kandep has escalated since July last year with high-powered weapons now being used.
Some 50 lives have been lost, almost 20 villages destroyed and properties lost.
Children are being denied their right to schooling, health services have stopped and people are suffering from sickness.
All the schools in Kandep have been closed.
The fighting was sparked off by the killing of a man who was travelling from Kandep Station to his village.
The Enga police chief has remained quiet over this and the local leaders have chosen not to do anything about it. They act if as nothing is going on.
Kandep leaders appear unconcerned now that the general election is over.
While the elections may indeed be over, violence which stemmed from it is still going on.
The leaders should talk to their supporters and get them to surrender their weapons.
Richard Yakam
Port Moresby

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