Friday, February 8, 2013

Kandep tribal fight continues

Friday 08th February 2013
IT IS over seven months and the tribal fight in Kandep is still continuing.
The tribal fight in Kandep has escalated since it started in July 2012 right after the elections.
The men are using high-powered guns and countless lives have been lost, properties destroyed and almost 20 villages have been totally destroyed.
School children are denied their rights to education, health services have stopped, and mothers and children are dying from curable diseases.
The only high school in Kandep, five primary schools and several elementary schools are closed.
The fighting started right after election when a man travelling along from Kandep Station to his village was chopped to pieces. Hence, 15 council wards and some 20 villages are involved in the fights. Almost 50 lives have been lost so far and the fighting is still continuing.
It is not known why the Enga Police Commander is keeping quiet on this issues as well as the Enga Provincial Government and the leaders in Kandep are doing nothing about it.
They are pretending as if there is nothing going on while women and children are suffering.
The women and children have fled their homes and are seeking refuge in Mendi, Southern Highlands Province and the issue of food security has become a major concern.
The lack of appropriate action to stop this madness by people in authority and the leaders leaves much to be desired.
It seems that the leaders of Kandep are more concerned during elections and do not care once it’s over.
This is much more election related violence and I call on the leaders to talk to their respective supporters and disarm them.
Women and children are the victims in this tribal fight and immediate action is required including relief supplies to help them.
This is a man-made disaster where children are denied their right to education, health services and many people are dying of hunger.
I call on the Police Commander and the National Government to take appropriate action in the absence of Enga Police and the Provincial Government who seem to turn blind eye to the issue.
I urgently appeal to those in authority to take appropriate measures so that mothers and children can return to their normal lives.

Richard Yakam

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