Thursday, January 3, 2013

Support Mangape’s good work

Source: The National, Thursday 3rd of January, 2013

LAGAIP-Porgera MP Nixon Mangape is ma­king waves in his electorate.
Although he is a firsttimer in the political arena, many people in the electorate are beginning to call him “Mr Action”.
His latest project – the highway to link Porgera and Tari that costs K10 million – is one of the examples of how he got his nickname.
The road will be a relief for the people of Tari and Porgera.
They have been using the other route to go to Mendi for services such as banks and hospitals.
The new highway will only take one hour for them to reach Porgera since it has all the servi-ces needed.
Tari, on the other hand, is the host of the multi-million LNG project.
Therefore, the people of Tari can always come to Porgera to spend their money or even invest in one of the world’s largest gold mines.
The people of Porgera can also do the same up there in Tari.
It would be good if
Hela Governor Anderson Agi­ru and James Marape were to step in and assist Mangape in this important project as it would be­nefit the people of Hela.
We are the Huli-Openas, so let us work toget­her and make things happen.
I admire the work of my MP Mangape and I truly believe that he is the man that my people and I have been waiting for.
Now that we have the right leader, let us put aside all our differences and work together for the better of Lagaip-Porgera and Enga as a whole.

Izzy Kings
Via email

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