MONEY to pay 2012 general election service providers will be ready by next month, Treasurer Don Polye said yesterday.
More than 300 service providers in the country, including private businesses and election contract officials, would receive K34.4 million for services provided during the June-July general election last year.
The money was delayed last week due to processes in acquiring and making available the funds as the financial year closed.
The delay included screening the number of service providers and their claims.
Polye said instructions had been given to the Finance Department to clear and release the money to the Papua
New Guinea Electoral Commission by next week.
He apologised for the delay.
Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen had pledged to pay the service providers by Christmas but that did not eventuate.
Trawen had blamed the Finance Department for not releasing the money.
More than K29.8 million would be used to pay for vehicle hire. Others such as boat hire, catering and hotel accommodation would make up the balance.
Service providers in the highlands would get K17.9 million followed by Southern K5.7 million, Mamose K5.6 million and New Guinea Islands K1.2 million.
Trawen had said, in addition, the commission owed contract officials K4 million, bringing outstanding payments to K34.4 million