RADIO Southern Highlands has been boosted with K80,000 worth of information technology equipment plus K100,000, thanks to Governor William Powi.
The IT equipment and the K100,000 were part of the K46 million of the 2012 preliminary budget paid for projects by Powi aimed at transforming the province.
Station manager Jacob Mambi said they received six laptop computers, five desktop computers, external hard drives and other accessories.
Mambi said Radio Southern Highlands had not progressed in the past because of the lack of IT equipment.
He said of the K100,000, K20,000 would be given to service providers and K80,000 would go to broadcasting and IT equipment.
He said the majority of people lived in rural areas and radio was the only means of information that could reach them.
“Media is very important and radio, unlike TV and the print media, can help the illiterate rural population who do not have access to town and electricity,” he said.
Mambi said Radio Southern Highlands was still having problems covering the province as the 10-kilowatt shortwave transmitter damaged a few months ago was not repaired.
He said the majority of the people benefitted from the shortwave.
They expressed concern about the situation but parts for the transmitted could not be found in the country.
Mambi said a report that Radio Southern Highlands had received K1 million was not true.
“I would like to make it clear that I, as the manager, received K100,000 plus the IT equipment, nothing apart from that,” he said.