Friday, November 23, 2012

Please, probe mass killings in Kandep tribal fights

Friday 23rd November 2012
I APPEAL to the Government to investigate the number of people killed in Kandep District after the 2012 National Election. The following is an observation report of rumours you may have heard about election related tribal fight in Kandep District. Foremost, I’m not a politician but I feel obliged to speak on behalf of thousands of homeless and those that had fallen victims to this inhumane act. Note that no media report or police had given exact neutral account of suffering and result of tribal warfare in the district over the months.
I’m appealing to Don Polye and Peter Ipatas to bring to justice people involved in this man-made disaster. The core of the tribal fight is between Okul and Kamprip tribes.
It is already public information that the tribal fight is related to 2012 National Election results. I went home last month and noted that peace negotiation is possible through formal government intervention. The reason of tribal warfare is not customary related such as pig, money, land, forest, women and anything of tribal values and beliefs. The raging tribal war is over power struggle bringing disaster to majority innocent population in the Marient constituency. The confirmed number of people killed from both sides of the tribal factions to date is 52, over 100 people are wounded. I’m appealing to the Electoral Commission, Department of Justice and Attorney General, Department of Prime Minister and NEC, Department of Police and Internal Security, Enga Provincial Government, Member for Kandep Open, Enga Provincial Police to investigate number of people killed, properties destroyed and bring to justice those people responsible.
Those who wish to help us restore peace can contact us to contribute resource and ideas on mobile number 72843266.


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