Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kandep students paying the price of conflict

Source: The National, Wednesday 31st October, 2012

THE tribal war in Kandep has claimed many lives, destroyed property worth millions and ruined go­vernment and church-run services.
Vital services have ceased and one such insti­tution that suspended its services indefinitely since August is the Kandep High School.
It is hard to comprehend the victimisation of innocent students.
Leaders must bear the blame for their negligence and failure to rein in their supporters.
It sends a chill down my spine to think of the sacrifice and commitment of students to ad­vance to the next grade going to waste.
What also concerns me is that many students who qualify for Grade 9 would be denied enrolment due to space limitation.
Students will have to re­peat their grades and pa­rents would have to shoulder the financial burden.
I call on the leaders of the warring tribes to iron out their issues so that students can go to school next year and other services can be delivered.
People must come to their senses and bury the hatchet.
Peace must prevail in Kandep for everyone to enjoy.

Komson Nick Kome

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