THE Kandep Provincial High School must be relocated from Kokas village to the Lower Wage.
It is the only high school in the district which students from other schools in Kandep go to continue their education.
But it is forced to close each time the country holds a gene­ral election or by-election.
The school becomes the main victim at every election without fail as supporters of candidates would damage the school trucks, classrooms and dormitories; chase students out of the school and assault teachers.
Each time this happen, the school board and administration have no choice but to suspend classes for five to six months in fear of more destruction.
The students are sent home and wait for the school to re-open.
When this happens, the students are denied their right to education, the lives of students and teachers are at risk while
the so-called leaders from Lai LLG and Mariand LLG in Kandep pretend as if nothing is happening.
Whenever this happens, the school’s investment in human resource is wasted.
I believe that since the tribal fight is still going on in the
Ma­riand LLG area and a possibility of the court of disputed returns declaring a by-election, classes will not resume anytime soon.
As such, I call on the Enga provincial education board, Go­vernor Peter Ipatas and other authorities to relocate the school to Lower Wage area as this area is the only reliable zone in the district where leaders such as former MP Jimson Sauk, pre­si­dent of Wage LLG Tum Akiala, Cr John Lakai, Kii Kaipas and former pre­sident Michael Marape are based.
This could be the only solution to solve the problems faced by our students as some of
them could become our future leaders.

Mangi Timrops