Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our lazy mentality is the cause of homelessness

Source: The National, Tuesday 09th October, 2012
There should not be any homeless people in PNG.
If there are, it would have been their own choice.
The soil in our villages is fertile and can yield an abundance
of crops.
The highlands is known for its sweet potatoes, broccoli and many different greens.
Along the coast, from the Sepik provinces to Milne Bay and across to Western, we have sago, yams, bananas, taros and fish.
On the islands, we have plenty of fish and countless nuts and fruits.
We have natural materials in the villages that cost nothing to build strong houses to live in.
Thus, I cannot understand how we can have homeless people.
We, Papua New Guineans, are plain lazy and have a hand-out mentality.
The many who sleep on the streets call themselves homeless to get free food from the Salvos or the Red Cross.
By day, they rob and harass mothers and daughters practically everywhere – from markets to bus stops, roadside, etc.
There are small boys who walk around aimlessly as if they do not have a mother, but it is wrong to call them homeless when they obviously did not come to the city on their own.
It is wrong to say “I live in poverty” when it is one’s decision to leave the village where there are good food gardens and come to the city and go hungry.
If we cannot work hard in our villages to grow food, then we must not expect to be fed for free when we come to the city.
This is not New York City, where the ground is covered in concrete that does not allow you to grow food or build a house.
This is not Africa, where there is fighting everyday and you have to live in care centres to be genuinely called homeless.
Wake up, PNG; stop being lazy and do something worthwhile with your life.
Tired of stupidity
Port Moresby

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