WORKS and Implementation Vice-Minister De Kewanu has assured the people of Mendi open electorate that full investigations have been conducted into the district accounts over the past five years.
Mendi MP Kewanu said in a statement yesterday the people of Mendi would learn how funds earmarked for basic services and development in the district had been expanded in that time under the leadership of their former MP Pastor Isaac Joseph.
“I want you all to know if the monies have been put to good use for the benefit of everyone.”
He said that he had taken a court order to freeze both district office bank accounts.
Any outstanding cheques and those still in the hands of individuals or organisations would be looked at during a joint district and budgets committee meeting on whether these payments were for goods and services actually delivered, he said.
“If cheques were paid for services not actually provided then these cheques will be stopped and investigations will be carried out for all payments made during the elections period.
“If there is evidence of misuse and fraud then the full force of the law will apply on individuals and organisations and where possible, recovery action will be taken through the courts,” he said.
Kewanu said he had directed that any district assets still in the possession of individuals be returned immediately to the district office or they would face prosecution.