Friday, October 19, 2012

Good idea to relocate school to Lower Wage

Source: The National, Friday 19th October, 2012

I SUPPORT the idea of relocating Kandep High School to Lower Wage.
Kandep has been de­clared a fighting zone.
We urge the Enga pro­vincial education board to relocate the school or build us a new one.
Kandep has about 80,000 people, half of them from Upper and Lo­wer Wage LLG areas.
Crime in Kandep is serious and is expected to last for years.
Important government services such as schools and health centres should be located to places where there is peace and harmony.
It is an expensive exercise but worth doing for the sake of the people.
Lower Wage has many community leaders such as Jimson Sauk, Tum Akiala, Michael Marape and John Lakai who have high regard for such ser­vices.
The Kandep High School has been suffering from interruptions since 2002.
Without any cash crops to support our economy, we believe in our children’s education.
We are privileged to have Peter Ipatas as our governor, who cares about our children’s future.
He has done a lot for Enga and I am sure he will give us a good response as always.
Please listen to our cry and give us a school.

Tim Temo
Via email


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