Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BSP Wabag system stalls

Source: Post Courier. October 10, 2012
By Peter Saa
The Bank South Pacific’s (BSP) customers in Wabag suffered for more than an hour yesterday after the branch’s banking system stalled. The bank opened normally and business started at 9am. However, at 10am, the electronic system suddenly rejected the bank’s management when it tried to serve its customers.
Customers had no option but to wait in long queues inside and outside of the bank until the system came back to normalcy more than an hour later.
Wabag BSP branch manager, Mr Jerry Marie, felt that the system was to be blamed and not the bank’s management.
Mr Marie said he felt sorry for the bank’s customers for the delay and added that bank staff also relied on the system.
Many customers had already started trips to Mt Hagen to do banking by the time the system was restored.
Mr Marie apologised to customers for the inconvenience caused and stressed his blame of the electronic banking system in place. The Wabag BSP branch is functioning effectively through the current bank manager according to one customer who was interviewed by the Post-Courier yesterday: “comparing with past services provided by the bank, management was very slow in serving its customers. But now, through Jerry Marie, the bank tellers are serving customers quickly.”
The named customer acknowledged the manager’s effort’s and appealed to the current management staff to continue with the same effort.
Meanwhile, BSP is extending its community services to Enga by providing assets and donating in areas like hospitals, schools, police stations, among others. Another customer said that the province needed one more bank, such as ANZ, Westpac or Microbank, to compete with BSP to make life easier for Engans, who often go to Mt Hagen to do transactions with such other banks.

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