Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wabag District vehicles sold: Ganim’s staff

Source: Highlands Region, Post Courier, Tuesday Septemebr 18, 2012

A YOUNG businessman claimed that more than 15 vehicles owned by the Wabag District were sold in Lae, Goroka, Madang and Mt Hagen following the defeat of former MP Sam Abal.
The owner of a nightclub and several stores in Wabag and senior staff of incumbent MP Robert Ganim on Friday alleged that the district was able to recoup five of the vehicles but the rest were still missing.
Kennedy Lemban said the district headquarters was empty with all computers, telephones, furniture and other equipment, ripped off by supporters of the former MP following his downfall.
He said all funds in the district accounts were also removed prior to the election, leaving the district with a zero balance account.
“Mr Abal was a Deputy Prime Minister, Acting Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, front man of the National Alliance Party and a very devoted Christian. The action by his supporters is uncalled for and unbecoming of a man of his status.” Mr Lemban said.
He said the people of Wabag and Enga expected a good handover– takeover ceremony to take place following Mr Ganim’s victory but that never happened when Mr Abal refused to attend the ceremony.
“As a senior leader, Mr Abal has initiated several impact projects including a chicken abattoir and the Wabag town market. As a true leader, he should have congratulated Ganim on the win and advice and support him to continue on with the impact projects. But instead he decided to take Ganim to court and this all indicates the type of leader Abal is,” Mr Lemban said.
He said apart from all its equipment being stolen by Mr Abal’s supporters, the district lacked tangible development over the last 10 years.
“The people of Wabag will not benefit from any court case.
They want services and delivery. Mr Ganim being a man on the ground knows the people’s needs and he should not be disturbed to deliver much needed services to Mr Abal’s people.”

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