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Stop the Kandep Fight - UPNG Kandep Students

Source: Post Courier, September 13, 2012 
Students worry

FORTY lives have so far been lost and the Murip wheat project worth more than K3 million was burnt down to ashes among many villages destroyed in the current tribal war in Kandep, Enga province.
Over 100 people have been wounded and thousands homeless. Women are being raped and the disabled are forced into burning fires, and children are being killed.
Kandep High School, the only high school in the district, and other primary and elementary education institutions and health services have been closed and are no longer in operation.
District service providers and business houses have fled in fear of losing their lives and businesses.
But no one is taking the initiative to stop the fight and the whole Kandep District is under serious threat.
Lives are not the same anymore.
Concerned Kandep students from the University of Papua New Guinea and working class living in Port Moresby in a joint media statement yesterday pleaded to responsible politicians and leaders to stop the bloodshed immediately.
The Kandep students gathered at UPNG yesterday and pledged they unity, stand united. They strongly called on the leaders in the province and the electorate to immediately do something about stopping the fight.
The students said that they are demanding the politicians because it is an election related tribal fight.
“We are demanding responsible politicians to go to the district and disarm their tribesmen without any further delay. This request is being put out not in favor of any person or to oppose any person. But to expose ignorance of responsible leaders and authorities upon hearing news of people being killed,” they said.
The student said that the Kandep District was made up of Lai, Waike and Marient Local Level Government (LLG) and these three (3) LLGs were under tribal warfare.
They said that the core of election related tribal fight was between Kamprip and Okul tribes in the Mariant LLG.
This has affected over 50 major tribal groups whose villages and houses have been destroyed.
“We had our villages burned to ashes and our relatives displaced in other parts of Enga or fled to the Southern Highlands Province. We are calling on the responsible persons behind the election related violence to immediately disarm their tribal groups, the Kamprip and Okul Tribes,” the students said.
They said that, this was a general notice to any responsible leader or politicians from the district to stop pretending as if nothing was wrong in the electorate.
“A seven day ultimatum is given after the publication of this news either in one or two daily papers to responsible leaders to take action or you will be named to take personal responsibility for causing conflict between your tribes which resulted in many deaths and destruction of villages,” They said.
“We are calling the National Government to Declare Kandep District a Tribal War Zone and impose District Emergency. We humbly appeal to Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil to take note of this plea to direct your Police Minister and relevant agencies to investigate the validity of this information for appropriate assistance,” the Kandep students said.

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  1. Kandep people must be very proud to be themselves. You must really take care about Your heritage. Greetings from Poland.


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