Friday, September 7, 2012

Polye: Think of children

Source: Post Courier, Friday September 7, 2012

By Simon Eroro

“OUR children are our future and as parents we can never ignore our obligation to leave this world a better place, a place where our children can look to their future with hope and excitement, not with fear or trepidation.’’
This was what the Minister for Treasury Don Polye said when responding to Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion’s proposed Action Plan in the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government in Parliament yesterday.
Mr Polye said the Government’s commitment to education must be genuine and the education that it provides must provide for real jobs.
He said this was why law and order must be a priority so PNG’s children and families could grow and mature in safety,
“That is why we as leaders must do this work to build a stronger economy that gives hope for all. I have always advocated the importance of customs, our Melanesian ways and our Christian heritage. In particular, in seeking a solution to the constitutional disputes of the last term and the role of the courts and its Parliament and the position of the grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, I made it clear that we should look to customary reconciliation,” Mr Polye said.
Mr Polye said customary reconciliation was an important part of PNG culture. However, we must take the utmost care to ensure that in our use of reconciliation we do not undermine the fundamentals of good governance.
He told parliament that at this time of unity within the system of government the opportunity should be taken to review the laws made in the passion of the moment during the constitutional debate that were a problem.
“The separation of our arms of government is fundamental to our constitutional framework but there are times when we all must work together to allow us to move on – this is one of the times and together we can construct a new exciting successful Papua New Guinea in which we all benefit.
“Those benefits must improve the lives of all people. We must take every Papua New Guinean on this journey – leaving nobody behind because that is the obligation of leadership,” Mr Polye said

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