Monday, September 24, 2012

More than 100,000 ballot papers burnt in Jiwaka

07:19 pm - Sunday 23rd September, 2012
By Mal Taime
MORE than 100, 000 counted ballot papers for Jiwaka Provincial seat locked in the container went up in flames in the early hours of last Friday morning.
The unexpected incident that occurred last weekend shocked the people of Jiwaka and they are confused as to how the container containing more than 100 ballot boxes with the papers went up in flames.
The people of Jiwaka want to know how the container was burnt because such activity had tarnished their new province. They want police to conduct a thorough investigation and get the culprits locked up.
The container containing the counted regional ballot papers was locked at Wahgi Klos premises after the declaration of all the three open seats with the provincial seat.

It is believed that the burning down was due to Anglimp South Wahgi MP and losing candidate for Jiwaka regional Jamie Maxtone-Graham who a petition in the court of disputed returns against the Electoral Commission as first respondent and Governor Dr William Tongamp as second respondent for recount.
According to police the arsonists must had used petrol to set fire to the container, while most people claimed it must be an inside job because the Jiwaka Provincial Government engaged Asila Security guards to provide security to the containers and premises.
Two days after Aslia security guards moved in to provide security the arsonist went into the premises held up the guards and set fire to the container.
It is believed the arsonist used high powered weapons to hold up the five security guards.
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