Monday, August 20, 2012

Innocen Lives Lost In Kandep

Innocent Lives Lost In Kandep

With Frustration, I would like to post this comment on this blog regarding the fight in the Marient Constituency in Kandep, Enga Province.

So much damage has been done to properties with up to 30 plus lives lost and villages destroyed. food gardens all gone, families displaced from their dwelling place. The loss of lives is now becoming a daily thing since the election ballot papers for Kandep have reached Wabag for counting while the counting was going on. I can perfectly recall that up to 8 villages have been deserted for both rival clans. Fighter appears to be more related to the election and the ways counting was conducted and declaration done. While educated elites may like to take the more formal way of putting things to the court of disputed returns, local illiterate back at home though otherwise. 

I have been watching and to date, not even one report came out in the media regarding this killings and intense battling going on at Kandep. High powered guns are being used in this fight and i am wondering if there will ever be an end to that battle. The so called leaders from all levels have gone hiding, and are pretending as if nothing is happening. With is extend of damage done, the question is, who si going to corp all the blame. is it the electoral commission for re-appointing a RO that as demanded and petitioned by all candidates to remove him from getting involving? Is it the people themselves for not having to seek legal action and putting everything to court if they felt that the election process was unfair? Can the MP declare state of emergency and sent task force to Kandep? How and when will this intense gun fight stop if nothing is done.

Please help!!


  1. Well said bro. Thsis i exactly what is happening at home

  2. That is exactly what si happening. Well said


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