Monday, July 9, 2012

Polye condemns report

Source: Poste Courier, Monday 09 July 2012

Don Pomb Polye, the leader of the Triumph Heritage Party and Minister for Finance and Treasury had nothing to do with the killing of a presiding officer in Enga.
Mr Polye said yesterday that as a leader of the people of Kandep and leader of one of the biggest political parties, he could not be involved in the murder of another person and he found the report in the Sunday Chronicles newspaper yesterday as misleading and defamatory.
“The newspaper is involved in smear campaign against me for whatever reason, only known to the editor and the reporter. The newspaper did not check the facts properly and went ahead a published a story that contained a lot of inaccuracies that has damaged my reputation as a leader,” Mr Polye told Post Courier last night
Mr Polye was responding to a report in Sunday Chronicles newspaper yesterday in which he was blamed for the killing of the presiding officer and other election related violence in Kandep and in Enga.
“I’m the leader of the people of Kandep who is currently leading one of the biggest party in government. I cannot come down and act like a mindless person to instigate all these troubles, fights, violence, or killings in my electorate and my province.
I have earn my place as a leader the hard way and not by chance, opportunity or on a golden plate. I am a leader and I cannot do such horrible things to my people,” he said.
Mr Polye said the reports in the Sunday Chronicles front page was totally false and misleading the people of Kandep, Enga and Papua New Guinea.
“The story printed on the front page of the Sunday Chronicles painted a bad picture on me, my leadership, my political career and my public life. It (story) makes me look like a careless leader, a instigator of violence and a warlord.
“The report is false and I condemned it outright. The people who have instigated the violence are now cunningly shifting blame on me through conveniently collaborating with the media. I ask the other candidates who contested against me to come out clear and tell the truth,” he said.
Mr Polye said if the newspaper had checked its facts, he would find that the people who are held in police custody over the killing are not my supporters or my people

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