Sunday, June 17, 2012

Polye’s vote sums don’t add

Source: yutok, Post Courier, Friday June 16, 2012
Out of curiosity and interest, I read the news report titled “Polye confident of returning for Kandep” as reported on Post-Courier of 12th June 2012.
The reality in Kandep now is that Polye is expected to score even less than what he has scored in the 2007 and the 2009 elections. His support base is all gone and the reality is that, Polye has no full votes in any polling venue, once his 100 per cent support base.
Votes in his support base such as Lakalap 1, 2 and 3 is split between his brother rival Sakias Tamao as well as Gini 1 and 2. Kolopa 1 and 2 are all split between his greatest rival Alfred Manase, Sakias Tamao and Polye himself. Kokas 1 and 2 is also split between Manase and Polye.
The Aimbreps, an area where were Polye scores good votes are now rallying behind the former Post PNG managing director Peter Mission Yaki, another possible contender for the seat. If his full 100% support base is split, Polye has no say in the rest of the polling venues.
The news should have been reported as, more people have left Polye and he has higher chances of loosing the Kandep seat.
Polye to win by more than 30,000 votes raises concern because he does not have the numbers now.
His supporters have left him because of his non-delivery of tangible services accompanied by his conning tones of voice for people to rally behind him during his past elections.
His more popular free cash hand-out of millions of kina to the hands of the people has fuelled up tribal fights resulting in trouble but appears that this has not worked in his favour.
I urge all the Polye’s 59 rival candidates including the two front runners, Alfred Manase and Sakias Tamao to rally together and block off all possible techniques that Polye can use to meet score his 30,000 votes.
With an honest, true and fair election for Kandep in 2012, Polye and his T.H.E party will be history in the making.

The Kuprups
Mariant Constituency, Kandep

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