Friday, June 22, 2012

Polye responds to critics

Source: Highlands Post, Post Courier, June 22, 2012
Continuity in political leadership is as important as finding good leaders in the current election, a Local Level Government president from Kandep said yesterday.
“The voters need to understand that it is important for PNG and in the interest of political stability at the time of forming a new Government, that we retain some of the most experienced and mature politicians we have.
“The current MP for Kandep, Don Pomb Polye is one of these politicians we have to retain. It will take a new MP a very long time to be where Mr Polye is now in PNG politics,” said Tumu Akaiyalla, the president of Wage Local Level Government.
Mr Akaiyalla was responding to a letter by a Sambakali-penniam, of Mariant constituency which was published in this newspaper yesterday. In that letter, the writer accused Mr Polye of not doing anything for the Kandep District during his 10-year tenure.
Mr Akaiyalla said Mr Polye had put money into infrastructure in education and health which were there for all to see.
He said over K7 million went towards health infrastructure which included the completely new Kandep District hospital that cost more than K6 million. It will open its doors soon while the upgrading of the Catholic Church-run Sacred Heart Hospital at Mang will take place next.
Mr Akaiyalla said about K5 million went to education infrastructure and this could be seen at the Kandep High School and many primary schools in the district.
He said maintenance work on the Kandep road was in progress and with the Mendi - Kandep –Laiagam highway, getting off the ground, the future looked good for this district.
“Records also show that K4 million was spent on economic projects. Under that program, a lot of trade stores in the district were filled with stock as assistance to the operators,’’ he said

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