Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kandep’s hour has arrived

Source: yutok, Post Courier, June 21 2012

For 10 lone years, Kandep people have been deprived of basic services delivery. All they have seen under the leadership of T.H.E party leader Don Polye is nothing except different musical tones with empty promises and mere lip services.
Realising that the time is near for the next term, he has delivered cold hard cash onto the hands of the people.
I wonder if a huge sum of money such as K4.7 million can be put to good use in maintaining and upgrading tangible service that can serve the majority of the people.
The poor people have stood by their sitting MP Polye as he promised them of getting the Prime Ministers post and promised that service delivery will come just like that.
All resources including the monies earmarked for projects in the district have all been wasted. Two terms have passed and the PM ambition has not materialised. The platform of being the next PM again appears to be the platform for Polye during the 2012 elections.
The sad thing that Polye has done to the people is just simply feed the people with crab with his words and a lot more empty promises.
Polye has totally deprived the people on basic service delivery in the area of human resource development, road and bridge infrastructure, one of the worse affected in the district. Health service delivery has been the other area that is in a very deteriorating and the public service machinery in the district has ceased to operate.
It’s a day away and the people of Kandep have a final opportunity to vote in a leader to represent them and deliver tangible services for the next five years. History for Polye in his last two terms (10 years) shows that he has delivered absolutely nothing to the district except playing better musical tones at the national level vying for the PM failing to realise that you and I will have such an opportunity one day to show him the door for the better.
In return for his total negligence, the people of Kandep now have a unique opportunity for change for the people, our children and the future generation to make a difference, that is, to show Polye the door on June 26, 2012. We have only two choices, make a change in leadership now for the better or miss this opportunity and return to the life style of our ancestors.
The ball is now in each individual’s court to make or break Kandep!

Sambakali -pennlam
Mariant Constituency, Kandep

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