POLLING in Enga province except Kandep was completed yesterday afternoon.
Provincial police commander Supt Martin Lakari said because of the late polling in Kandep yesterday afternoon, it would continue today.
Lakari said Wape­namanda and Wabag districts were first to be completed, followed by Laiagam-Porgera.
He said Ambum had been completed and all ballot boxes were transported to the police station.
Voting in Kompiam had been completed but bad weather meant helicopters could not airlift the ballot boxes, polling officials and security personnel.
He said the helicopters would be ready this morning for the airlift.
Lakari said because of the heavy police presence in the province, polling had been conducted peacefully unlike in the past.
He said that was the result of the police pre-election awareness campaign for safe and trouble-free election.
Lakari said the cooperation of the people was overwhelming and had resulted in the peaceful polling.
He said all the ballot boxes were locked up at the police station.
He said Enga police and a section of a mobile squad 10 from Mendi would provide security for the ballot boxes.
He said the election manager would decide when to count the ballot papers.