Friday, May 11, 2012

Vote for good leaders to bring about change

Source: The National, Thursday 10th May 2012
TODAY most of our  parliamentarians are wearing sheep’s clothing to show their innocence as far as transparency and accountability is concerned.
They have made one commitment after another. Sure, some will live up to their commitments but some are manipulating the system to build their own empires.
It is shameful to read in the media the kind of malpractices  involving politicians.
Do they have no respect or appreciation of the trust and lo­yalty that the people have given them?
Sadly for us, most goods and services that we have a right to expect have not been delivered or delivered on time because the funds have been hijacked.
The perception is many leaders have become millionaires over­night through corruption and malpractices.
They do not care about the country or the people, including those who voted for them.
Leaders are supposed to be good stewards and managers to help direct and lead people in the right direction.
Unfortunately, once elected into parliament, most tend to take a different approach altogether.
 Is it so hard to deliver to the people and keep your promises?
As most would say, PNG  poli­tics is 85% lies and 15% truth.
Let us use the coming general election to change all this and elect those who will  bring real change.
Ignore those who speak sweet words to win our vote. In the past 36 years, PNG

has not achieved much in terms of delivering goods and servi­ces.
Most rural areas are still ha­ving problems with roads, aid posts and other infrastructural development while most major towns in th
e country are poor in terms of waste management.
The time has come for us to choose leaders who can deliver.

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