Friday, May 11, 2012

Polye aims for top

Source: Post Courier, May 10, 2012
Kandep MP and Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) party leader Don Polye has been hailed as a potential Prime Minister after the 2012 General Elections.
Deputy party leaders Tom Olga (Highlands) and James Gau (Mamose) told more than 1000 people during the party’s convention at the Eriku Oval in Lae yesterday that Mr Polye had the credentials to become the new Prime Minister.
Mr Olga is the Governor for Western Highlands province and Mr Gau is the Madang Governor.
Mr Polye vowed to lead the country as the PM if given the confidence by people of Papua New Guinea through the candidates that the party had endorsed.
The Kandep MP said he had been in the Government for the last 10 years as two-times Deputy Prime Minister, had held other senior ministerial portfolios and was confident to be the PM.
“Papua New Guinea needs new leadership, a leadership that is shaped with quality, vision and wisdom,’’ Mr Olga said.
“And those characteristics are found in none other than Don Polye who is prepared to take this country forward.’’
The Western Highlands Governor reiterated that former PMs in the likes of Paias Wingti, sir Rabbie Namaliu, Sir Julius Chan and Sir Michael Somare would no longer lead this country when PNG needed young leadership.
Mr Olga said THE Party was as good as its leaders, including Don Polye, James Gau and himself who were committed to weed out corruption and deliver services to the people.
Meanwhile, Mr Gau also said after 37 years of Independence, the country was still swathed with issues affecting family units, Government and the country.
Mr Gau said he had reasons to break away from the National Alliance (NA) party after careful consideration because State Ministers in the NA Government went ahead to drain the country’s wealth and resources.
“There were no change and there were too much corruption involved in all the government business so I had to break away and form this new party with Mr Polye,’’ Governor Gau said.
“I have no regrets but am confident that THE Party will form the new government.’’
He added that his party will have its force in the Mamose region, basically to ensure that the candidates put up a good challenge on other candidates in the respective Open and Regional seats in the region

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