Friday, May 11, 2012

PNG needs a vision to ensure a better future

Source: The National, Thursday 10th May 2012
THE current political turmoil we have been forced to endure has exposed many things that are wrong with our country.
Top on this list is the vision of ensuring a better future for our children.
Since Independence in 1975, the public-private service and our various government regimes have deteriorated to an all-time low.
This is most evident in the public system where everything is in shambles.
The country agonises in anticipation of a revisit to that initial vision of our founding forefathers.
 Sadly, however, no one seems to  take serious notice of the situation.
Corruption is rife and everyone is keen to make a quick buck.
The wantok system is crippling our government system.
At the very top, our good  politicians and bureaucrats seemingly are leading the nation astray through mere greed.
Then in the middle is the ever-corruptible public and at the very bottom, the average Joe, struggling to make ends meet.
 As a nation, we are in danger of lo­sing that vision of our founding forefathers.
Depending on how one looks at it, fortunately or unfortunately, I prefer the former.
There is now a changing of the old guard.
We, the children of those public/private servants and politicians of the pre-Independence era, are now taking over from our parents.
The initial efficient government  system handed over from our colonial masters is now almost non-existent.
We inherited from our parents a predominantly corrupted and inefficient system.
Who will change that now for the better for our children’s future?
 No alien will do that.
It is up to us, the children, who will change that corrupt system.
We start with our own behaviour.
We need to reactivate that fallen government sys­tem to function efficiently again.
 We need a national vi­sion.
We need to vote for good leaders to carry our nation forward.
We need to educate our children in better schools.
We need better health services.
 Overall, we need to re-visit that initial vision to make our country better for our future generations – be it an overhaul of our parliament, the Constitution, the judiciary,  the public service, etc.
It is evident that something drastic needs to be done now, in every  aspect, to achieve that vision of a better tomorrow.
We owe it to  ourselves and our children’s future.
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