Friday, May 11, 2012

Enga scores highest in tertiary schools

Source: The Post Courier, May 10, 2012
More than 9,000 students attending tertiary institutions throughout Papua New Guinea come from Enga.
And this is the highest so far, coming from a single province – all because their leaders have invested so much in the education of their elites.
This was revealed by the Chairman of Ipatas Foundation Isaac Lupari when presenting a total of K182, 798 worth of school fee assistance to the Engan Students at the University of Papua New Guinea recently.
Mr Lupari said Engan students have the highest number of enrolment at UPNG than any other tertiary institutions in the country.
Engan students’ population at UPNG is estimated to be around 500 which include the School of Medical Sciences and the Open Campus.
“Enga has the highest number of students compared to other provinces and this will still increase as the Engan Provincial Government continues to invest in quality education,” Mr Lupari added.
Enga Governor Peter Ipatas in a recent interview told the Post courier that Enga does not have lucrative resources like cash crops, other commodities or major impact projects therefore their only “great” investment and impact project was to invest in the province’s human resources.
Mr Lupari has stressed that Enga Province is fortunate to have a governor who believes in the value of human capital and someone who has dedicated his entire term of leadership to invest in human resource development.
“The Students Financial Assistance Scheme is an interest free loan scheme; the students will repay the money after completing their studies and when in a full time employment.
“The Scheme is the ‘first of its kind’ being introduced and implemented in Enga and we are determined to make it more successful,” he said.
Ipatas Foundation Inc.has furthermore established a Job Assistance Scheme which will help graduates to find jobs.
Mr Lupari pointed out to the students that IFI will be assisting those who have put all their efforts in studies and have excellent results to get employment. The UPNG Vice Chancellor Professor Ross Hynes while acknowledging the initiative also confirmed that Enga has the highest student population at the University.
Professor Hynes said this reflects the dedicated investment by the Governor Ipatas and this is remarkable.
“You cannot go wrong with investing in human resource, for any country or society to prosper education is the key, Enga has made the right decision therefore it is now beginning to reap its fruit,” he added.

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