THE Kandep electorate in Enga province has not received much service and support from the provincial government since 2007, a councillor says.
Paul Yakam, from the Kinup clan, Kambrip tribe of Kandep, claimed other electorates had been benefiting while Kandep had been left out.
Yakam claimed the provincial government, under the leadership of Governor Peter Ipatas, did not do enough for the electorate.
He said schools, hospitals and road were basic services people needed but they had been missing out.
“Where is Kandep?
“Is it in another province? We have been missing out on receiving basic services from our provincial government,” Yakam said, adding that the Enga government had failed its people.
He said if this continued the Task Force Sweep to investigate money meant for Kandep had been kept.
He said things must be done in an honest way so that people benefitted.
Yakam said they had been complaining but were being ignored.
He said Ipatas should check on his public servants because services were not reaching people in remote areas.
He claimed there were no roads or health services funded by the provincial government in his electorate.
Yakam said Ipatas needed to explain where the people of Kandep were from.
He said several request had been sent to the provincial headquarters at the Ipatas Centre, seeking support for projects but there had been no response