Monday, April 23, 2012

Ipatas moves with aim be next PM

Source: News, Postc Courier, April 23, 2012

THE people of Enga have been urged to release their action Governor Peter Ipatas to vie for the Prime Minister post after elections.
Governor Ipatas who has served three consecutive terms has asked the people of Enga to release for the PM post.
Mr Ipatas sought his peoples’ blessing during the launching of the People’s Party National Convention held at Engal Capital, Wabag on Friday last Week.
Mr Ipatas said with the current trend the country is going and with decisions made over night by Member s of Parliament and the government to suit their own personal interest shows that the PNG needs visionary leaders.
“Papua New Guinea needs leaders who can make decisions for the good of seven million people of this country and not for few interested groups. Sir Michael Somare had led PNG for the last nine years but the wealth of the country was not served equally and now O’Neill has lead PNG for only nine months but his decisions are made to suit his government and not the rest of Papua New Guineans. We need leaders who can distribute the wealth of the nation equally and make decision plan and for the people of Papua New Guinea for the short term and the future,” Mr Ipatas said.
He said he is raising his hands for the PM post to deliver equal distribution of services in terms of infrastructure and to take lead in fighting corruption and other social illness in the country. Mr Ipatas said he would not have any problem in leading the people of Papua New Guinea as he has vast leadership experience in which he started as a village councillor up to the governor seat for the last fifteen years. He is now vieing the PM post.
“To lead doesn’t need a doctorate degree or millions of kina or wealth but it only needs how much you love for the people and the attachment you have with the people. Our country is going through problems after problems because the leaders do not love their people, they are not attached to the people. Therefore every decision made is to suit the leaders’ needs and not the peoples’ needs,” he said. Mr Ipatas said People’s Party is now endorsing candidates with four current MPs like himself, Usino Bundi MP Samson Kuli, Samarai Murua MP Gordon Wesly, and Kompiam Ambum Mp John Pundari..

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