Saturday, March 10, 2012

Uni graduate says thank you

Source: Highlands Post, Post Courier, January 16, 2012

A UNIVERSITY student in Enga Province has set history to formally host a graduation ceremony celebration of achievement in his village.
Stanley Amos Langap of Wage Local level Government Council in Kandep District acknowledged those that contributed to pay for his school fees including the Enga Provincial Government and Porgera Gold Mine.
The party was held at his Longop village in Kandep District last Friday and attended by Enga Governor Peter Ipatas and his people.
Mr Langap told his people at the small gathering that his graduation ceremony was to celebrate his achievement with his family members, relatives, community including minor and major sponsors.
It is believed that such ceremony may be the first of its kind in the Enga Province or in the Highlands region and the country as a whole.
Mr Langap has set a phase in Enga Province for other students in the future to follow his footstep and do the same.
Mr Langap is one of the students that benefited from Mr Ipatas’ government policy from primary school to university.
He said it was good to acknowledge the Enga Provincial Government for introducing the policy that benefitted many students and he was proud that he was one of them that benefitted from the policy, adding without the policy he do not know whether he would have come this far or not.
Mr Langap is a final year Bachelor of Science, major in chemistry and biology and will graduate in March 30 with a degree.
He said the purpose of the celebration was to acknowledge those that contributed both in good and bad times to raise him so that they would feel proud because their hard work was not wasted.
Mr Langap said the National Government was now adapting Enga Provincial Government policy to introduce free education this year and the National Government must credit Mr Ipatas for his wisdom and foresight in developing the human resources of Enga.
Enga Governor Peter Ipatas told the people that he was proud to see Mr Langap for hosting such graduation celebration party in his village and invited those that helped him to come so that they could be acknowledged.
Mr Ipatas further said Mr Langap was one of the products of his government education policy and this was a big pleasure for him because his government policy had worked out.
He said many students had benefited from the free education policy but not one of them had come back to the province and honoured their families, communities and government.
Mr Ipatas urged other students to commit themselves to give more time with their education study hard because there was no ending in education.
He also pledged K50, 000 for Langop Primary School, an ambulance for Langop Health Centre and handed over a Toyota 10-seater land cruiser for Kandep district education services through Enga Children’s Trust Funds

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