A LEADER of the Yoponda Melep Karange tribe has urged members of the rival Yoponda Laima tribe to stop attacking innocent travellers on the road.
The two tribes at Walya in Wapenamanda district, Enga province had been fighting over the ownership of land where a checkpoint was located on the border with Western Highlands province.
The fight started last year and continued into this year resulting in the deaths of nine people.
Stanley Pingina of the Melep Karange tribe, based in Western Highlands with some of his tribesmen, said in Mt Hagen yesterday the fight was over.
Pingina said he and his cousin Win Kungil from Laima, had an argument over the land and fought.
He said it resulted in the killing of nine people and damage to property worth millions of kina.
He appealed to neighbouring tribes such as Yakuman Kumbaskam, Min and Yambarain Pausa, who allegedly helped Kungil and his tribesmen during the tribal fight, to feel free to travel into Mt Hagen and back.
He said what had happened early this year was in the past.
On February 27, he slaughtered 12 pigs and spent K17,000 of his own money to thank his people who helped him.
Pingina said during the ceremony at Tambul district, witnessed by the peace and good order committee and police officers in Mt Hagen, he declared a ceasefire and discouraged his people and supporters from attacking their rival tribesmen.
He told his men to allow them to move around freely.
He appealed to the rival tribes not to set up roadblocks at Walya and attack his tribesmen or innocent Western Highlanders travelling on the road.
Pingina said they were innocent people who had nothing to do with their fight.
He urged them to allow the peace process to take its course so they could resolve the matter