Friday, March 2, 2012

Spin around Kandep Station

These are all the photograph taken by the author during a recent visit over the 2011 christmas. Random shots taken while staying around the station for a couple of days.

CAF 50th Anniveristy Jubilee, 2011 Xmas

The Kandep Polic Cells at far end - blue building
Wiikam field, notice the ground stand and erection of canvas for nigh program duing the Jubilee.

Kandep Primary School

New administration block

A short cut road to the adminsitration block was in construction put on hold due to the only excavator used sinked at this location where it took them 2 solid weeks to get the machine out. The pothole crater is evident here

Kandep Council Chambers

Straight section of road from Mogaip to Sawi

Kandep's only Pelipaspas (beer club), currently in operation

new road construction leading to margarima covered by water due to heavy down pour.


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