Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Polye’s removal raises questions

Source: The National, Wednesday 07th March 2012

THE recent demotion of Don Polye is the beginning of Peter O’Neill’s downfall because he paved the way for O’Neill’s appointment as prime minister.
With numbers, Belden Namah successfully moved to have the prime minister’s office declared vacant due to Sir Michael Somare’s absence.
He then nominated O’Neill as prime minister and was duly installed.
These leaders from two of the greatest parties, PNG Party and the T.H.E. Party are the very pillars on which the current government stands on.
This is a wakeup call now for them to be cagey of O’Neill as their coalition poses a political threat.
Even before Polye’s de­motion, most of Na­mah’s decisions were re­jected, reversed or rescind­ed by O’Neill.

Yanjop Siaa Kelya
New Zealand

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